Huntington High School

Huntington, Indiana

Class of 1963


Zoom Session 11 Oct 2023

Hi, All:  So good to visit with you this week. Nothing better than "youngish old friends!!" Amazing how far and wide we have scattered, but still have good common memories of growing up in Middle America. 

Bill: Thanks again for setting this up and for your continued commitment to help us stay in contact. I have Jan 10 reserved on my calendar and will look forward to another visit along with your enhancing backdrops. I also enjoyed seeing your smiling face and colorful shirt which conveyed to me you are still that kind and fun loving fella I remember from HHS. Your books, farming and publishing adventures are enchanting and are making such a positive contribution. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

Sue: I am so impressed with the work you are doing with Kawanis. Such a worthwhile adventure and it sounds like you are planting positive seeds for the future in many ways.The program is lucky to have your input and energy. I am  also excited to know that another classmate is living in the Pacific Northwest, which I have fallen in love with, and I so appreciated your Huntington memories.  

Paul: Richmond, IN sounds lovely and to be close to Indpls and Dayton has to be exciting. I am so happy to know that you served as a pediatrician as I am a firm believer that our children are our most valuable natural resource....and then you were able to pass along your practical knowledge to soon to be doctors, which is wonderful. I've often noted on my journey that many college profs that I had lacked practical experience which was a handicap. Seems they went right from grad school into the college classrooms. Your students and patients were lucky to have had your input and expertise ... and then to have a son follow in your footsteps has to be the ultimate compliment of a well lived life. I enjoyed seeing you and Ronnie at our reunion. Please tell her that I am in awe of her volunteerism. I served as a volunteer for two years and decided that if I was going to work that hard I wanted a paycheck, so back into the classroom I went. 

Tom: Great to see you and have a real conversation. So many stories, so little time.....I will send along the recipe you requested, but I will have to dig, along with other info. I am so pleased to know about your life as I've often wondered just what might be up with you. Last I heard you were in school at Notre Dame and then onto the Minneapolis area. Your work, professionally, personally and artistically, sounds fascinating. The fact that I don't know all of this info is "bad on me," as my life has afforded me little time to stay in touch with the many people I care about. 


Thank you all for allowing me to touch base with you and learn of your interesting and fulfilling lives. Keep up the good work. I'm so thankful we could connect.

Happy Holidays, I'll look forward to seeing you again in January of 2024 !! cathy


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