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Class of 1963


Zoom Session 11 Oct 2023

We had an HHS1963 Zoom session on Wednesday, 11 Oct, beginning at 7 p.m. EDT (Indiana) time. There were five participants:

·       Bill Smart

·       Cathy (Raker) Miller

·       Paul Rider

·       Tom Zahn

·       Sue (Thompson) Owens

In spite of the low turnout, the Zoom session went very well and was very, very enjoyable!

It lasted for over an hour, and during that time, the group discussed many topics, including everyone’s very, very interesting personal histories, current events, local challenges, and, of course, our mutual childhood and young adult times in Huntington. I’m sure everyone in the session will agree with me when I say I now know these fellow classmates better than I ever thought I would. It was very inspiring.

The consensus of the group was to repeat these Zoom sessions every quarter, so the next Zoom session will be scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday in the first quarter of 2024, which is January 10. The times will be the same, 7 p.m. Indiana time, but I will send official invitations to this meeting a couple of weeks in advance and a reminder a day or two before the actual session.

I hope we will get more participants in January, so mark this down on all your calendars!

And please read two of the emails I received after the Zoom session telling how much the participant enjoyed it:

Email from Kathy (Raker) Miller

Email from Sue (Thompson) Owens


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